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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tips for getting cheaper car insurance online

1. Increase your car insurance voluntary excess - Agreeing to pay more towards the cost of any accident repairs may bring down premiums. If you are not at fault in a car accident, the excess can be recovered.
2. Ensure that only regular drivers are named on the policy - You can always add someone to your car insurance policy for a few days when they really need to drive the car.
3. Protect your car insurance No Claim Discount - This will increase the car insurance premium by a few pounds, but may be worth it when compared to the potential loss of up to 70% No Claim Discount on a premium of several hundred pounds.
4. Reduce your annual car mileage - The fewer miles the car covers, the greater the saving. But you must be honest about your annual mileage, as an inaccuracy will jeopardise any claim.
5. Check your use cover - If you don't use your car to drive to work or for business you may be able to get a cheaper car insurance quote. We’ve also introduced pay a you drive car insurance aimed at younger drivers using a "black box" device fitted inside cars.
6. If you are thinking about changing your car, it may be worth getting a new online quote before you buy - The change in car model may have a significant effect on your car insurance premium. Sporty cars can attract a high premium and often a slightly different model or smaller engine can make a big difference in your favour. It will also probably save you on petrol too!
7. If your garage is full of junk, why not clear it out and use it for your car? - Aside from the benefit of not having to scrape the ice off in winter, there is a higher risk of theft by keeping the car on the road, so keeping it in the garage will be reflected in your car insurance premium.

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